Top 5 Engineering Colleges in South Canara 2014

Let it be the results of SSLC, PUC or CET the students from South Canara(Managalore/Udupi Districts) have always come out with flying colours in the past years. It makes me feel proud as I too come from South Canara. This just shows how good the education system over here is. There is talent and there is potential in the students. Just 5 years ago there were handful Engineering Colleges and once the seats get filled over the students had to make a move to different location which some parents would allow and some would just drop the hope. But now in South canara we can find a lot of Engineering Colleges in and around. Just in a City of Moodbidri near Mangalore you can find 3 Engineering Colleges.
Some of the colleges opened recently have done very good over the past five years in matter of Acadamics, Infrastructure, Industry Exposure and Placements.
So for the Students who are planning to get into Engineering Courses in and around South Canara, here is the exclusive List of  TOP 5 Engineering Colleges for the Year 2014-15 under VTU  via CET.
  2. Mangalore Insitute of Technology and Engineering (MITE), Moodbidri
  3. St. Joseph’s College of Engineering, Vamanjoor
  4. SDMIT, Ujire
  5. Canara College of Engineering, Mangalore
Well there are Colleges like PA College of Engineering, Vivekananda Puttur, KVG Sullia, Shri Madhwa Vadiraja Institute of Technology and Management, Srinivas and Sridevi which are established and also popular but for the Year 2014-15, recommends the above Colleges. Well MITE and SDMIT, Ujire are new Colleges and are giving their best to compete with the  rest of the Established colleges.
Note: This Ranking is based on the demands for seats, performance and placements in the previous years. This is not endorsing or advertisement of any colleges, this is solely the viewpoint of
I thank my colleagues and friends, who are the authenitc source and have studied in these colleges , who helped me prepare this Top5 list of Colleges in South Canara.
Well if you think that your college is good and had to be there on the list or you want to share your views, you can share them via your valuable comments. If you liked this post do share to your friends.

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Online seat selection for Karnataka CET 2012 : KEA

Good News for the Students who are appearing for Karnataka Common Entrance Test (KCET 2012) for Engineering and Medical Admissions for the Academic year 2012-13.

Considering the Students Complaints on the Seat Selection Process in the KCET Counseling the Karnataka Examination Authority KEA has decided to Launch Online Seat Selection Procedure for KCET Counseling 2012.

As Per the New System Students who were Qualified in KCET 2012 Entrance Test can Attend KCET2012 Counseling in any Center in the State. Interested Students can also Upload their Interested Courses and Institutes on the Priority Basis on the KEA KCET 2012 Website.

Students who appear for KCET 2012 Engineering, Medical and  ISMH counseling are obliged to visit the counseling center five or six times at the minimum. For them the KCET 2012 online seat allotment will come as a relief. Sources say that as per the new Proposal KCET 2012 Seat Allotment will be Based on the Students KCET 2012 Rankings and Reservation.  Students who are appearing for KCET 2012 Counseling can also Check and Change their Colleges and Courses as Per their Preferences.

Since the system is new, it would be a big experiment in the working of the CET seat selection procedure from this year. Fingers Crossed..!

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10% hike in medical, engineering and dental fees in CET

Fees for undergraduate medical, dental, engineering, and architecture courses from the academic year 2012-13 will go up by 10 per cent but the seat-sharing ratio will remain unchanged, the State Government announced here on Saturday.

Last year, the government introduced two slabs of fee structure for engineering courses. Private unaided colleges that charged Rs 1 lakh for their management quota seats collected Rs 38,090 (Rs 35,000 tuition fee and Rs 3,090 other fee) for government quota (CET) seats. Now, the government fee will go up by Rs 3,500 and Comed-K fee by Rs 1,12,500.

Institutes that charged Rs 1.25 lakh for their management quota seats collected Rs 33,090 (Rs 30,000 tuition fee and Rs 3,090 other fee) for CET seats last year. Now, the CET seat will be costlier by Rs 3,000 and the management quota seat by Rs 12,500. That is, the government seat will come for Rs 36,090 and the Comed-K seat Rs 1,37,500.

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CET Cut Off Ranks

New Cut off ranks all updated and from the best resource that too KEA itself. I am not sure how many people were able to find it in the CET site, because of the color combination used in their site. Well For all those how din’t get I have got you the list of Cutoff Ranks by downloading the PDF documents.

The cutoff ranks for Medical & Engineering Courses for the year 2008-09, 2009-10 & 2010-11 is given in this page. This is only for the information of the candidates and no inference shall be drawn from this cutoff rank for the year 2011-12.

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Before you Choose the seat in CET (KEA)

Hello readers,

I keep on getting queries by Mails, Comments and Shout-box, where people ask me what course to choose for the particular rank that they have got. And most of them do ask what is their probability of getting seats in particular college.

Well this post I am writing for people to know what is more important while choosing a seat and  I have been saying this in all my comment replies and mails.

When your are about to get into Engineering, what you really need to know is which college and course to be chosen.
If your ranks are very good say below 10,000 you can almost get into the top colleges in Karnataka. Otherwise you may have to compromise between the college or course and even city where you are going to study.

Choosing Colleges:
Some People say, what is there in College Name, Students can study any where if they will to, I agree 100% to this, they can study and get good marks too, But the problem with not getting into reputed colleges only hits during the Campus Recruitment. Choosing the college and the Course should be a wise decision.
Well but natural, more reputed the college, more chances of getting good and experienced Faculty, good facilities and infrastructure, good Placements too. And yes you would be with the best people in the environment.

Choosing Courses:
The best and on demand branches are Computer Science, Electronics & Communications, Mechanical, Civil(excluding Aeronautics and Architect). In almost any college you could find these courses.
So getting into these courses is easy with almost any ranks. But when your have ranks above 20,000 you may have to make a compromise on the college.

Mechanical or Civil:
Almost every 3 out of 5 colleges provide these courses, and people who join for these courses they have a mindset to go for these courses. These two courses are to be considered as evergreen and always in a demand. But while choosing these courses be sure enough to get information about the Lab, and other facilities provided by the Colleges.

CS vs EC:
if you have an option either CS or EC, choose wisely. Look, if you are good at differentiation and integration and you like deriving formulas and stuff, like the circuits and Maths.. GO for EC, and then the fact is to get placed in an IT Company.. at the end.. or rather take CS,  Learn Logic apply it on Programming and see how you can make the dumb electronic device( computer) intelligent. Well no offence to any one who is from EC, and wants to join it.
If you don’t have CS take Information Science(IS) Coz I did the same, Belive me there is no difference except some 2 or three subjects that too in higher semester differ.
Don’t be disheartened if you din’t get any seat in first round, or may be in reservation categories etc. Just push till the last round. 

Don’t jump into any course to join a reputed College, unless you are very sure on it. Simply joining a course with no future is such a waste.
Most importantly listen to yourself than somebody else. Look what are your interests and what are your dreams. Don’t simply follow someone or do Engineering only because some one is forcing.
Because in my engineering life I have seen people with ups and downs, where great scholar students have failed and not so great have done great job.

Hope this Article helps, if you like it share with your friends in facebook.
And Please do comment and share your views and additional information.

All the best. Remember choice is always yours.
Will soon be writing on the procedure inside the CET Cell and my experience.
Wait for more updates.

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2nd PUC Karnataka results : Name wise

Hello Readers, 

The II PUC Karnataka Results are out and if you are Interested to check results of your Friends who are not giving their Register Numbers you can use this Service by

Now you can find the 2nd PUC Results Name Wise that is even without knowing the Register Number.

To Identify the right person you are looking for Father’s Name in the Side ways Column can help you too.

So why wait, Just go to the Link given here :

ALL the Best..!

Credits :

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